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More to Life - The Life Training

I want to acknowledge the huge contribution that More to Life (used to be called Life Training) has had on my work.

More to Life is an organisation that offers a series of courses, from small workshops offering courses in self esteem and personal purpose, through large grow. trainings, specific-interest courses, and advanced residential week-long courses.  Like many other organisations, More to Life draws from psychological, philosophical, and spiritual sources and practices to provide teaching content and an environment that fosters personal growth in many ways.  I believe that the unique strength and value of More to Life is that course material and practices are well-founded in current psychological theory and practice, and particularly cognitive psychology.

Also, More to Life has a unique embedded aim to identify and operate from a position of truth.  One consequence of this is that More to Life tends to avoid making grandiose, and ultimately misleading, claims about what can be achieved through taking the courses.  Personally I find this pragmatic and possibly understated approach helpful for fostering genuine personal growth.  Extreme 'hype' is mercifully avoided!

Though I have had a life-long fascination with the workings of the mind, and would eagerly soak up information from traditional psychology and the ground-breaking news coming out of neuroresearch and neurosurgery, it was only when I encountered the More to Life material that I started to make dramatic progress in terms of my own understanding.  Walks of Mind has grown out of that understanding and owes much to the material exposed by More to Life.

Having said that, in Walks of Mind I have attempted to present some particular aspects of mindful experience that are not covered, as far as I am aware, by More to Life.  Walks of Mind complements More to Life but does not require anyone to have taken a More to Life course.

Another source worthy of note is 'The Work' by Byron Katie. This, like one of the many processes presented in More to Life, uses a deceptively simple approach to encourage personal self-discovery and growth.

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