Walks of Mind

Illuminating What Goes on in our Mind

We view life through the lens of our own beliefs.


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Welcome to Walks of Mind! 

Walks of Mind is basically an exploration.  An exploration of some of the potentially more confusing aspects of being human.  Much of the content of Walks of Mind is based on my own opinion - I invite you to share some of my thoughts and I leave you to make up your own mind about what you take on board for yourself.

At the core of Walks of Mind are a series of 'walks'.  Eack walk in Walks of Mind explores a different aspect of our behaviour or addresses the way that our mind works.  Click here for a summary!

Each of the walks represents a topic that I have personally found unsatisfactorily covered elsewhere or where I believe that I have something genuinely useful to contribute.


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But insights can only be meaningful when we are ready for them.  This is a consequence of the way that we learn (see Three-Step Learning); we tend not to be able to make profound use of insights that do not aid our understanding of the life that we are currently experiencing.  We may gain an intellectual understanding but we are unlikely to 'get-it' unless and until we are ready.  For this reason I advise you to follow your instincts on this site rather than treating it as a text book.  You will be drawn toward that which is most likely to be important to you and you will hopefully understand it in a way that is appropriate to you.  Come back in a few weeks time and something different will be waiting for you.

Please make yourself free to explore what is here.  Keep in mind that some links are not filled out yet or have reduced features, and new material is being added when I have the time.

All the walks are available to read online and are free.  Downloads are also available free of charge and spoken-word versions are being produced.


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Feb 2007...

Welcome to the 3rd major edition of this site.

This website is a work in progress.  I am building up the content on the site, but it is early days yet!

Pricing and Design:- I have yet again been rethinking how I want to build this site.... The good news is that the main walks are completely free to view online!

In the pipeline:- A new area is planned that will let you explore more freely as your intuition takes you, to give you a more entertaining experience and to allow you the opportunity to encounter something new with each visit.  It will start small but will, I hope, grow and grow.  Also coming are MP3 spoken-word versions of the main walks and, a little further into the future, some new walks.

Performance :- As I have bee developing this site I have encountered major technology problems (see the progress link).  The good news is that these are now largely overcome, basically by going for a much simpler design, although it has meant putting some facilities on hold for the moment.

Made by hand :- Please don't expect highly-commercial sock-you-in-the-eye graphics or a lead-you-by-the-nose sales experience here.  This is partly because I am concentrating on content rather than presentation at the moment, and partly because I don't think that a pure commercial model is appropriate to what I am aiming to achieve.  I am aware that this may appear unusual as many of us these days tend to want to be entertained by life and we have become used to that appearing in a particular guise!



I want to communicate through this website.  I want to communicate a number of ideas, some my own and some drawn from well-known sources.  These ideas build to give me, and hopefully others, a broader and deeper understanding of why we are as we are, why we think and behave as we do, and why we have the emotional and mindful experiences of life that we do.  Through this we gain the opportunity to live life more honestly and directly, to achieve self-ennoblement at the same time as self-empowerment.


More to Life - an Acknowledgement

Click here for an acknowledgement of More to Life, that contributed greatly to my own growth.